The Organ

The T.C. Lewis Organ

Built by T.C. Lewis & Co. for the Vineyard Congregational Church of Richmond in London, the Organ was installed in 2015 at the PIME Seminary Church (Pontical Institute for Foreign Missions) in Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII. Because of more than twenty years of non-use and deterioration, some precautions have become necessary, including a modern electronic transmission that expands the technical-executive possibilities.

The instrument has a distinct personality it possesses a wide palette of beautiful delicate registers really exquisite and warm in tone - alongside flutes with great cantability. Ultimately it is the effect of full organ that evokes the greatest admiration. Though the effectiveness of the contribution from the Swell must not be underestimated, the big sound comes from the Great and from the astonishing and brilliant reeds.

The tonal composition was finally integrated with some registers that enhance the organ's orchestral character and increase its versatility, without ever distorting its typical Victorian aesthetic.